مشاريع التخرج للعام الدراسي 2021-2022


مشاريع قسم هندسة القدرة والمكائن الكهربائيه  للعام الدراسي 2017-2018


نوع المشروع

عنوان المشروع

اسم التدريسي


Fault analysis of three phase induction machine

م م اسامة صاحب جعفر


Study and implementation for  improving pump solar in Diyala

د رغد علي مجيد


Design and implementation of pool heating system by using solar energy source

د نسرين سبع خماس


Design shunt active power filter to improvement of the power system performance

م هشام عيدان حسين


Direct torque control of AC machine

م م قاسم محمد حسن


Types of pulse width modulation and application 

م م عمار عيسى


Finger print based security system for building multi controller

م م محمد حسن على


Implementation of PID controller in matlab for real time DC  motor drive

م م حيدر سالم حميد


Optimal economic dispatch of thermal power station using FACT devices

م غسان عبد الله


Design and implementation a smart seat of handicap people in Iraq

د خالد غضبان

د لفته اسماعيل جمعه القيسي


Design and implementation Robotic hand using Microcontroller

د سلام نزهان احمد

د خالد غضبان محمد


  • Maximum power point tracking  based induction generator
  • Recovering short term disturbance in the distribution line 

د محمد سعدي حسن


  • Voltage profile improvement and line loss reduction in primary distribution system based on distributed generation
  • Comparison between classical V/f control and DTC control of three phase induction motor drive with PI controller

م م على نجم عبد الله


Electrical engineering testing for building blacks

د سلام نزهان احمد


Reactive power compensation

د بلاسم محمد حسين


Methods of Dc motor speed control using matlab Simulink

م م علي ساجد كيطان


Reconstruction and design of primary power distribution network (Baqubah – Tahreer sector)underground mode using ETAP software

م م رشا ياسين


Reconfiguration of Baqubah power distribution network for optimal load sharing Among the distribution substations usindmatlab

د نصر الله سلمان


  • Design and Implementation Smart  Hoist Crane for Lift Patients(part 2)
  • Design and Implementation Smart  robotic for Military Applications

م م احمد ابراهيم جابر

م م علاء عبد الحسين هجر


  • Speed control on an induction motor using an arduino microcontroller

م.م. ميادة صاحب

م خالد حسين



عنوان المشروع اسم التدريسي ت
Neural network for magnetic Levitation system د. لفتــــة اسماعيــــــــل جمعة 1
Design and implementation of a pool heating system by using solar energy source د. نســـــــرين خمــــــاس سبـــــع 2
Transformer material tests د. نصــــــر الله سلمـــــان خـــلف 3
Design and Implementation of hybrid electrical- mechanical car  د. خالــــــد غضــــــبان محمـــــد 4
Fault diagnosis using neural network د. بلاســــــم محمـــــد حسيــــــن 5
Study and implementation for improving pump solar in Diyala د. رغــــــد علــــــي مجــــــــيد 6
Comprehensive study between high performance control and  sensorless control based Wind Energy Conversation System WECS) Application د. محمد سعدي حسن 7
Assess and reduce soil salinity based on electrical polarity effect د. سلام نزهان 8
Short circuit analysis of Diyala electric network (132 kv) م. غســـــــان عبــــد الله سلمان 9
Capacitor bank placement to improve distribution power systems performances م. هشــــــــام عيـــــــدان حسين 10
Dynamic simulation of synchronous machines using reference frame theory م.م اسامـــــــة صاحـــــب جعفــــر 11
Hybrid grid electricity generation with renewable energy technologies in Diyala baquba , An application of homer  م.م عمــــــار عيـــــسى اسماعيل 12
Design and implementation smart house using Arduino م.م محمــــــد حســــــن علــــــي 13
Design and implementation smart crane for left patient  م.م احمـــــــد ابراهيــــم جابـــــر 14
The modeling and simulation of stepper motor drive and controller م.م حيــــــدر سالـــــــم حميــــــد 15
Programmable logic control (automatic transfer switch)   م.م قاســـــــم محمـــــــد حســـــن 16
Network reconfiguration in distribution system to improvement voltage م.م رشــــــــا ياسيـــــن عبــــــد 17
Investigation of induction heating cooker with Planer coil     م.م علي ساجت كيطان 18
Distributed generation placement  in  Diyala/Baquba  distribution network to reliability  improvement. م.م علي نجم عبد الله 19
Design of experimental by using power world and Matlab and Etab program for fault analysis in 3-phase distribution system م.م احمد مجيد غضبان 20

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