The emergence of the chemical engineering department


Founded Chemical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering / University of Diyala in the academic year 2012/2013 to be Section VII in college and a complement to the rest of the terms of reference of the mission college.many years Passed Established  the stage during which the preparation of studies, curricula and teaching staff and spaces necessary and priorities for the development and the teaching of the owners located in the Faculty of Engineering of advanced degrees in engineering chemical is important and essential role of the purpose of the success of this step and evaluated from year to year until obtaining approvals fundamentalist final.


Vision, mission and objectives of the Chemical Engineering Department


The chemical engineering department one of the most important  department, which is providing engineering staff in the design of industrial equipment such as distillation towers, heat ex-changers, reactors, etc., and in the oil industry, chemical, petrochemical and food industries and the pharmaceutical and control of industrial processes in the areas of water treatment and environmental pollution. The Engineering Branch Chemical is one of the basic engineering branches in Iraqi universities such as the University of Baghdad and Basrah University and the University of Technology and the University of Mesopotamia and that the introduction of this section in the Faculty of Engineering / University of Diyala was necessary for the integration of the College of Engineering and the provision of engineering landlords in this area to serve the province and the country steps. The main objective of the development of this section is to prepare engineers familiar with the scientific and engineering expertise and knowledge of the basic majoring in chemical engineering and technological Mostagdadtha and give the graduate the ability to design laboratories and factories related to the chemical and oil industries and petrochemical and food industries. And preparing graduates capable of operation and management of laboratories and factories related to the disciplines of chemical engineering and by focusing on the theoretical aspects and linked to the practical side.