Conception about the department:

Specialization of materials engineering has become one of the important specialties in engineering field, so more of the universities have interested in this specialization, in order to its presence in engineering fields becoming insisted, so it is more significance that means more specialists cannot have the whole comprehension in their subject without look on sider of this scientific.

For that mentioned notes the college of engineering university of Diyala has opened a new department of material, which the (2014 – 2015) will have made the first batch.


Aims of department

The department aims to prepare a new engineers that have recently scientific manners in specialization field that have ability to change the scientific theories to practically work through comprehension of foundations and principals engineering to acquire skills and scientific knowledge to can be opened on all the scientific and practical fields.

Also the department of material look after to prepare engineering staff  that would have specialization in engineering materials that able to give what the country is needed in this fields and in laboratories tests and scientific engineering practical.