Dr.Dhia Ahmed Salal Alazawi


Head's Word
Knowledge is the main key to build and develop Homelands. In every construction, there should be a strong pillar that can be relied on for supporting. The department of mechanical engineering is considered to be this essential pillar for supporting all other engineering departments. This department deals with designing, building and operating of machines. It is considered to be as an essential field which includes all engineering aspects of almost every moving parts on the planets. Mechanical engineers are trained to offer solutions and help when it comes to deal with the most difficult issues and situations in our world such as power, environment, robots, advanced manufacturing and transportation by road, air, underwater and space. It is a field where students can show their superiority and creativity. In this department, students are always our priority where they can get all the attention and support whenever needed. Hence, the whole staff of the department with its potentials work on graduating the students with the capabilities to work in the industrial enterprises.Such capabilities can help them to get positions in different engineering sectors such as power plant stations, desalination plants, petroleum refining and petrochemicals companies and other sectors. The mechanical department seeks to be always in the front and competes with the rapid development in the world. Therefore, more opportunities were provided for graduating more students by introducing the evening studies in 2013. In addition, postgraduate studies were also introduced in 2015. Our department has all the essential equipment and requirements including the human resources to provide the best expertise for students. The Students are supervised and taught by ourexcellent, superb and loyal academic staff and technicians.