The Vision,Message ,and Aims of Electronic engineering Department


Future Vision




The department seeks to develop modern scientific curriculum in electronic engineering areas in addition to complete all requirements for department laboratories . The department also seeks to improve the teaching staff through dispatching the department staff for higher studies inside and outside the country , and creating suitable conditions for scientific research to get the required scientific degrees .In addition , the department contributes to grant engineering advisory through the participation of the engineering staff in scientific and consultative Bureau at the college to develop the country


Section goals:
  Since the founding of Electronic Engineering Department in 1998, and section flows into circles the province and other provinces cadres Engineering eligible in the implementation and design of integrated circuit (IC) section and continues to expand scientific and research activities through the graduation of a number of qualified engineers in electronic engineering, where students study a number of scientific and engineering materials through his studies with laboratory process for these materials while making it able to be able to scientific and experience of electronic engineering.