Ahmed Abed Ali Ghaidan received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Al-Mustansiriya University1995. Worked as an engineer in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals until 2006. He received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering / Energy from Al-Mustansiriya University in 2006 and then moved to the Ministry of Higher Education. He joined his PhD in 2014 and received his PhD / Thermofluid 2018 from the University of Sheffield – UK. During his doctoral studies, he helped oversee graduation projects and practical experiences for undergraduate and master students at the University of Sheffield. Become an Associate Fellow at the Higher Education Academy (HEA) after completing a set of requirements and specialized courses.


Research interests are concentrated in Porous media, IR thermography, Signal and Image processing, Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDV).






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Heat transfer


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