Arshed Abdulhamed Mohammed, SURE NAME: AL-Dulaimi , DATE OF BIRTH: 15-11-1973, NATIONALITY: Iraqi, EDUCATION BACKGROUND {1988-1990 The Secondary school :- AL-Markazea Secondary School, 1991-1995 B.Sc.: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering- University of Technology – Baghdad, 1999-2002 MS.c: MS.c in Mechanical Engineering/ Applied Mechanics  University of Technology-Baghdad. 2010-2014 PHD PH.D in Mechanical Engineering and Material- College of Engineering- University of Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). MSc Thesis Title : – “Analysis of Static Stresses and Dynamic Behavior of Spur Gearing of Dams Gates by using finite element method”, PH.D Thesis Title: Design of A Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer Based Mechanical Properties Test For Refractory Metals. 1995-1999: An Engineer in (Pumping stations and Diesel generators) – Ministry of Irrigation, ACADIMIC BACKGROUND (2002- 2003 Head master of a Unit of Scientific Matters In College of Engineering- Diyala University-Iraq, 2003-2004 Assistant Dean In College of Engineering- Diyala. University-Iraq 2004-2010 A Lecturer in Electronic Engineering Department 2010-2014 PH.D student in Malaysian national University(UKM). 2016- until A Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department Languages : Arabic and English, Area Interesting: Acoustic, Smart Material (Piezoelectric Elements), Control and Signal Processing ​




Forth class


Stress Analysis


Forth  class




Forth class


Stress Analysis


Forth class




Title of lecture



Types Of Stress

Lecture 1-2

Fourth class

Stress strain relationship

Lecture 3-5

Stress in Equilibrium

Lecture 6-9

Plane Stress and Plane Strain

Lecture 10-12

Stress Equation and Compatability

Lecture 13-15

Generalized Hook’s Law

Lecture 16-18

Theory of failure

Lecture 19-21

Stress Strain in three dimensions

Lecture 22-23

Experimental Stress analysis

Lecture 25-27

Thermal Stress

Lecture 28-30

Principle of fraction mechanics

Lecture 30-32

Disc and Cylinder subjected to rotation

Lecture 33-35

Plastic stress-strain relationship

Lecture 36-38

Melting work

Lecture 39-40


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