The Associate Dean Practices the following powers to facilitate the work of student affairs at the college . 

1-Organizing Schedules of the final Exams in coordination with the scientific departments.

2-Organizing a table for weekly lessons in coordination with the scientific departments and classrooms to ensure to ensure the proper functioning of teaching .

3-Supervising the weekly record of lectures prepared for this purpose to ensure coverage of all scheduled hours for each subject according to the instructions followed in this regard .

4-Following – up time postgraduate and instructions in force .

5-Checking for admissions of higher studies after being received from the scientific departments , standardizing and submitting them to the Presidency of the University .

6-Checking transition situations for higher studies from other universities and forwarding them to the competent scientific departments for consideration and addressing the relevant authorities .

7-Following-up postgraduate students in terms of the length of time and full-time study in accordance with the regulations and instructions .

8-Participating in the meetings of higher studies committees at the college when invited by them to discuss matters of higher studies according to the specialization of the departments to ensure good performance .

9-Preparing a statement discussing a postgraduate student one week before the date of the discussion and creating the minutes of the debate , checking and submitting them to the college board .

10-Overseeing the preparation of the annual statistics of the higher studies at the college .

11-Delivering examination notebooks and receiving them according to the applicable rules .

12-Announcing the results of examinations after the approval of the committees of the higher studies in the scientific departments by specialization .

13-Providing the departments with scores according to a model intended for this purpose to approve them by the committees of the higher studies .

14-Coordinating with the departments on extraditing the questions tests for the first and second attempts as applicable in undergraduate studies .

15-Addressing official offices in all aspects of the postgraduate student biography from registration until graduation .

16-Addressing the Presidency of the University / Department of Higher studies in all about the postgraduate student biography .

17-Addressing the offices to obtain a proper approval about the lecturers after determining their names and departments by the competent scientific department .

18-Signing forms of annual bonuses and promotion for the employers of the higher studies as being as being the supreme boss .

19-Addressing the official offices and all institutions except ministries on everything related to these powers .

20-Supervising the functioning of the Registration Division and distributing duties among employers and monitoring their working hours .

21-Signing forms of the promotion and annual increment for the Registration staff as being the direct manager .

22-Approving of regular vacations for the Registration Division staff to which they are entitled within the country taking into account provisions of applicable laws and regulations .

23-Signing on the private correspondence of Iraqi , Arab and foreign students with the department concerned with student registration in the university and its colleges and other official destinations .

24-Organizing alphabetical lists of the the new students , registering and distributing them on classes in coordination and cooperation with dormitories .

25-Organizing and auditing the documents as well as the grades and modules planned and proceeding study requirements for all years of study .

26-Recording quarterly students` grades and creating records for them when submitted by the examination committee.

27-Signing on letters which include referring students to health centers and hospitals .

28-Supervising on the records of students ` absences and organizing quarterly tables of their names and number of their absences in order to be published in the notice board to warn students transcending the legal limit for absences in cooperation and coordination with the departments .

29-Organizing a summary about students who failed , dropped out of the college and those who were dismissed .

Signing on students ` identities .-30

31-Supervising on students ` cultural, social and athletic affairs in coordination with union committee.

Creating everything related to quarterly and final examinations . -32

33-Applying students ` uniform instructions and taking disciplinary sanctions against violators .

34-Supervising on implementing examination instructions approved by the higher authorities in the ministry and university .

35-Supervising on printing of students` requirements of cloning and imaging with respect to their studies as approved by the head of the department .

37-Distributing or granting some of these powers to the staff of Divisions associated with him .

Signing on all relations to practice these powers . -38

39-Approving on the exchange in cases involving scientific and student affairs or higher studies up to twenty thousand dinars for each case and that subjects to the availability of the necessary financial dependence in the annual budget at college .

40-Approving of exchanging salaries , allowances and bonuses for Iraqi , Arab and foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students as approved by laws , regulations and instructions in force .

41-Approving of purchasing books , magazines and periodicals for the college library of up to twenty copies for each .

42-Granting financial and in-kind bonuses to the staff of scientific and administrative divisions of up to ten thousand dinars for each case subjected to the availability of financial allocation .

43-Approving of printing theses , dissertations ,reports and researches in external printing offices in case of unavailability of self-potential at the college and exchanging the mounts accruing according to instructions of implementing budget in force .

44-Issuing administrative orders for dismissing students due to absence and cheating . –

45-Proposing to issue decisions of dismissing students due to absence for those who exceed the allowable percentage according to instructions that accompanied the ratification of the college board .

46-Issuing  administrative orders to warn students who failed due to absence or when neglecting or violating regulations and instructions .

47-Issuing  administrative orders for associated or external lecturers in coordination with the Dean , starting records or their forms , auditing them according to the administrate orders issued about them and following up dispensing by the form secretarial in coordination with the finance department at the college