Establishment Statement: The chemical engineering department has been established at the engineering college/ the University of Diyala in the academic year of 2012/2013 to be the seventh department in contributing to the college mission. Before the establishment of the department, several academic requirements and facilities were achieved; this included academic staff, technical staff in the field of chemical engineering and the infrastructures. The department provides the knowledge for the students to obtain the required degrees. 

Vision: Provide our students with the suitable knowledge and scientific research methods; also, keep working to be up to date. Seek to make our students having inspiration, leadership, self learning and team working. Keep working to develop our curriculum periodically and according to the global standards. The department contributes to provide the province and our country with scientific and academic consultations and to all of the country. Our department works to activate the prospect of cooperation with other universities and the institutions of the province Mission The department seeks to qualify and graduate active, loyal and ethical engineers and academic staff. To focus on the scientific research and encourage the creativity in the chemical engineering department. To provide an appropriate academic environment for the scientific research. We are working to be one of the leading academic institutions locally and internationality. Goals The first goal is to prepare engineers having experiences and scientific knowledge of the chemical engineering field. Our department aims to provide alumni the capability to deal with designs and operating the industrial projects which are related to the chemical industry. The department aims to provide graduates who are able to operate and manage the chemical engineering factories by concentrating on the theoretical and practical perspectives. Prepare our graduates to pursue their postgraduate’s studies in different chemical engineering division. Investigate the needs of the market for the latest chemical engineering divisions which are important to be achieved. Supply the society with qualified graduates. The department aims to use appropriate teaching methods and work to develop them.

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