Last Update:30-1-2023



First Stage
First Semister  Second Semister 

Building Materials I


Applied Programming


Engineering Drawing




Extraction Metallurgy I


Building Materials


Human Rights




Math I


Engineering Drawing II


Mechanic I


Extraction metallurgy II




Fundamental of Material Science



Math II



Engineering Mechanics II


Second Stage 
First Semister Second Semister

Applied Programming 


Analytical Chemistry


Electronic CCT I


Casting Technology


Engineering Metallurgy I


Electronic CCT II


Math I


Engineering Metallurgy II


Organic Chemistry


Heat transfer


Strength Of Materials  I


Math II second stage




Strength Of Materials  II


Third Stage
First Semister Second Semister

Corrosion Engineering


Applications of Metal forming


Engineering Analysis


Heat Transfer




Heat Treatment


Phase Transformation


Material Inspection 


Polymers I




Theory of Metal Forming


Numerical Analysis


Welding I


Powder Metallurgy


Forth Stage
First Semister  Second Semister

Biomedical Materials


Composite Materials 


Ceramic and Glass


Failure Analysis


Insulating Materials 


Industrial Engineering


Manufacturing Science


Laser material Processing


Materials Selection for Design I


Materials Selection for Design II


Stress Analysis



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