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Last Update:13-09-2021


Course Description Form
First Class
Electrical Circuits I –   Electrical Circuits II
Engineering Drawing Using Computer
Mathematics I – Mathematics II
Human Rights and Democracy
Fundamentals of Logic Systems

Programming and Problem Solving with C++ I – 

Programming and Problem Solving with C++ II

Workshop Skills I – Workshop Skills II
Arabic Language 
Computer Science
Digital Logic Circuits   I
Second Class
Applied  Mathematics I – Applied Mathematics II
Computer Architecture I – Computer Architecture II
Data Structures and Algorithms
Digital Logic Circuits II
Fundamentals of Communications
Operating Systems I
Database Systems
Microprocessor Programming
Object Oriented Programming using Java
Software Engineering
VLSI  Circuit   and  Design
Third Class
Control Theory
Digital Communications
Digital Signal Processing  I – Digital System Design II
Digital System Design I
Engineering Analysis
Internet Web Site Design
Operating System II
Computer Control
Computer Interfacing
Computer Networks I 
Digital Image Processing I –Digital Signal Processing  II
Numerical Analysis
Forth Class
Computer Networks II
Computer Vision
Cryptography and Network Security I – Cryptography and Network Security II
Engineering Profession Ethics
GNSS Applications
Data Compression
Embedded Systems
Engineering Economy
Soft Computing

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