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First Stage Second Stage Third  Stage Forth Stage
Computer Science Analogue Electronics I Optoelectronics Advanced Digital System Design
Digital Technique I Analogue Electronics II Microprocessor Artificial Intelligence
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals I Computer Programming II 2_Microprocessor  Control Engineering_I
Electronic Physics I Digital Electronic I Advanced Electronic I  Control Engineering_II
Engineering Drawing I Digital Electronic II Advanced Electronic II Digital Image Processing
Engineering Mechanics I Electromagnetic Fields I Antenna & Propagation Digital System Design
Humman Rights and democracy I Electromagnetic Fields II Communication Theory Engineering Profession Ethics
Mathematics I Mathemaics II  03_Communication Theory HDL Programming
Workshop Skills   Digital Signal Processing I DSP I Microelectronics I
Digital Technique II Measurement and Instruments_II Digital Signal Processing II DSP II Microelectronics II
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals II Electric Circuits Analysis I Engineering & Numerical Analysis First Course Microwave
Electronic Physics II Electric Circuits Analysis II Engineering & Numerical Analysis Second Course Power Electronics I
Engineering Drawing II MACHINES_(DC) Industrail Management Information Theory
Engineering Mechanics II Power and AC MACHINES    
Mathematics II      
Arabic Language