Welcome to the UA College of Engineering

I am pleased and honored to peered you through the website of the Faculty of Engineering capacity as dean of the faculty, which we hope to have on your satisfaction, which is a card identifying the college and the nature of their work and all the money linked to them, as is the primary key for each of the purports to get acquainted with our college and scientific departments of public and scientific disciplines the minute that are taught at the college where he aims to spread positive thinking and establish the identity of the nation and its cultural heritage and Muslim on the basis of a firm faith in God Almighty and the Almighty-and loyal to the homeland. Purpose of the dissemination of knowledge in order to ensure their students learn, and to acquire virtues, and acquire the necessary to enrich their lives and rehabilitate the life skills to contribute effectively to the growth of the society and its development.
The height of our college is not for being only related to the scientific aspect, but also for being associated with the name of the University of Diyala beloved and forever linked to the first civilizations of Iraq and the history civilization those of Ashnuna which is one of Iraq’s other civilizations Kokd, Babylon and Assyria, a first learned of human writing, and the first to put humanity Constitution and the law, as well as ancient history overfilling achievements and creations that have seen far and wide, and over the centuries.
All of these made our college more inclusive and creative and make it occupies a prominent place among the institutions and educational bodies Iraq stressing the True charter by this generous country, that remains a beacon for science and Rashad, published science, and produces knowledge, all for the sake of building the human greatest wealth of this nation.
It is a great honor for me that the important first Dean of the college and its service, especially at this important stage of the history of our beloved Iraq filled the growing challenges facing our society, higher education, and high competitiveness in the presence of a large number of educational and research institutions, and this makes us more eager to make a lot of plans and aspirations , especially since the college have made a lot of achievements, and still there are also a lot of work and the plans that we seek to achieve, stretched out bridges of cooperation and communication with universities and scientific research centers and all international educational institutions sober is the first priority to achieve high quality and are an important and serious step in the achievement of quality assurance and accreditation high for our education and our ministry esteemed company.
And all the praise and appreciation must be pointed the finger of the right and gratitude to the continuous and unlimited support given by the presidency of the University of Diyala to our college represented by the rule of Mr. Rector Prof. Dr. (Abbas Fadhil Jawad al-Dulaimi), where he was to support the presidency of the university’s impact on Msarhamlna and what has been achieved on the ground .

And with pleasure and gratitude My thanks and appreciation to my brothers and my fellow faculty members of the College of Engineering, as well as all college staff of technicians and administrators for their hard work and hard work for the elevation and up our college and wished them a multitude prosperity and excellence service to our beloved Iraq.
Finally, I pray to God Almighty to guide us all that is good service to our beloved Iraq and its people to Taibin to get thus to what we aspire to achieve prosperity and progress of scientific intended.

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