Faculty of Engineering was founded as the college of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1982 at the current location, which has been the construction of its buildings in 1975 as a center for vocational training for the electrical industry / Diyala under the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Iraq. The college belonging to the Al-Mustansiriya University and contains only two sections, namely power engineering and  electronic engineering department, and then attended the University of Diyala after its founding in 1999. After increasing number of faculty from both inside and outside Iraq and the various engineering disciplines until the school year 2003-2004 was renamed from the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to the Faculty of Engineering to become more Holistic.and to make the possibility in the development of scientific departments and disciplines different geometric and according to the needs of the labor market in the province of Diyala on In particular and in Iraq in general .

Academic departments at the college:

1. Department of electric power engineering and machinery.

2. Electronic Engineering Department

3. Computing and Software Engineering

4. Department of Telecommunications Engineering

5. Department of Civil Engineering

6. Department of Mechanical Engineering

7. Chemical Engineering Department

8. Department of Materials Engineering

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