(Functions and the work of the   Finance section (Accounts

1-Walid Mahdi Kazim (Director of the Division) (Accountant) – Follow all arithmetic operations inside and outside the division. – Edit instruments. – Liberalization of the exchange bonds. – Member of the Committee follow-up and supervision – Member of the Committee analysis shows. 2-Anwar ghadhban Ali (salaries official assistant a. Account Manager)

1- Preparation of all variables for salaries. 2- Responsible marital values ​​shall be used. 3- Nursery accountant 4- Auditing salaries. 5- Member of the Committee maintenance. 3- Firas Salman Dawood (official salaries) (accountant) – Download salaries variables on the program (FOX PRO) – Check variables – Keeping official records of salaries. – Member of the Committee to withdraw salaries – Member of the Committee of fuel. – Auditing salaries 4-Rowayda Shehab Ahmed (treasurer) (accountant) – Cut receipts accounting. – Preparing statements Fund – Keeping a daily log Fund – College Accountant – Member of the Procurement Committee. 5-Abbas Ahmed Hussein (second assistant treasurer) (legal) – Preparation of final accounts and trial balances. – Preparing and organizing lectures disbursed. – Scientific Office accountant. – Fund Checker 6- (mitaad Haider Hassan (first assistant treasurer) (a. Accountant – Deposit funds with the bank – Scientific Office Accountant – Keeping a daily log Fund – Alternative Treasurer. – Member of the Committee to withdraw salaries.

Brief summary of the functions and works of Accounts section / College of Engineering

 Accounts section constitute the backbone of the college where this section to provide services all departments and units and other service people the educational process required by the college through the implementation of its budget on all magazines.
Where was formed units of account at the opening of the Faculty of Engineering / Diyala University in 1998 after it was linked to the University of Mustansiriya financially and become a financial unit has a financial allocation of annual budget linked to finances the university at all educational activities and services that you need college and is still associated with finances presidency Diyala University was formed Fund for Education has a higher current account Rafidain Bank branch (311) lake and have the fund of its own administration

Accounts section consists of the following units First: Unit Fund

(A) This is the fund manager the Council for Higher Education Fund Management, headed by Dean and Associate Dean and three members of the Heads of Departments and a member of the decision of the Fund.
(B)  is for this fund independent moral character represented administers the fund board members as to provide all the financial facilities beginning of the process of accepting students, reception and after graduation through the collection of funds to ensure the rights of students and during the study and after graduation.
(C) as well as to provide all banking services to staff of exchange and withdraw or deposit only special educational process.
(D) and have this fund annual revenue distributed as dividend shares, after deducting the ministry and the University of Finance and the Ministry of lifting the bottlenecks.
(E) shall be the task of organizing the fund and the collection of the money earned from operations (direct, documents, fines, rents, etc. .

Secondly – Unit salaries

The staff of this unit is to organize and prepare the employees’ salaries, contracts and daily wages and salaries of research and calendar month, as well as add all variables that occur on the employee’s salary increase or decrease  and the like and organization dues students exchange 
within and outside the country to leave the school and missions and expenses.

In addition to the work of these units to form committees within the college at all levels and be a financial member present at these committees to follow up the implementation of the work of these committees to submit financial statements to regulators within and outside the university to assess the progress of work of this Division
Unit Records

The staff of this unit saves all the variables and administrative orders issued by the Division to secure documents and rights owed by the employees

Unit budget

A. The staff of this unit numbers conservation for the implementation of the annual budget and the coordination and management of Dean of the college and in a form that is in harmony with the departments and units in the college applications, as well as the preparation of future plans for the annual budget for the following year every year.
And B. be this unit are required to submit data for advances and amounts received from the budget and submitted to the regulatory authorities at the university.

Walid al-Kadhim Mahdi Director of the Financial Division

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