Hatim Ghadhban Abood Was born in 1977, Baqubah, Iraq. He had graduated at the University of Diyala in 2005, majoring in Electrical Power Engineering. Hatim had received the degree of M.Sc. in Electrical Power engineering from the University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, in 2009. He works as a lecturer in the college of Engineering, Diyala university since April 2012. Later, Hatim finished the Ph.D. at The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia in April 2018. The PhD thesis of Hatim is entitled as “Enhancing the Performance of the State Estimation of the Power Systems”

His research focuses on fault location, power system state estimation, and applications of artificial intelligence techniques in power systems


Job Title

From        —       To


Asst. Lecturer


23 April 2012

College of Engineering, Diyala University, Baqubah, Iraq

Part-time teaching

10 Nov. 2017

2 August 2014

School of EECE, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Asst. Lecturer (Electrical Power Engineering)

22 April 2012

1 Oct.  2009

AL-Ma'moon University College, Baghdad, Iraq



   Academic Education

Date Received



Degree Received

9 April 2018

The University of Western Australia (UWA), Australia

State Estimation of Electrical Power Systems


12 Dec. 2013

Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT, UWA)

Academic Research Skills   (GPD  %86)

Academic Bridging course

Sept.  2009

University of Technology – Iraq

Electrical Power Engineering


Aug.  2005

University of Diyala – Iraq

Engineering of Power & Electrical Machines, 3rd Honor



Honors & Awards

30 Sept. 2016

IEEE Australia/Pacific region, Australia

IEEE best poster award, POWERCON conference, Brisbane, Australia

16 May 2012

Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq

Best technical project, 2nd award, Iraqi National scientific competition for renewable energy technologies, Baghdad, Iraq

Sept. 2009

University of Technology, Iraq

Award for the earliest M.Sc. students finished their Master research 







IEEE Tensymp, Region 10 Symposium for Smart Technologies, Cochin, Kerala, India

15 July 2017

Solution methods of ill-conditioned state estimation: a comparative study

POWERCON 2016 Conference, Wollongong University, Wollongong, Australia

31 Sept. 2016

Optimal Placement of PMU using River Formation Dynamics (RFD)

AUPEC 2016 Conference,

Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia

25 Sept. 2016

An incremental Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) placement for power system state estimation

AUPEC 2014 Conference,

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

1 Oct. 2014

A review on Phasor Measurement Units Placement for State Estimation

Scientific Symposium on "National Electric Network Reality & Horizons," University of Diyala, Iraq

April 2013

Using Modern Techniques in Operation & Control of Distribution

3rd International Scientific Conference of Electrical technology, Najaf, Iraq

Feb. 2013

Re-Planning of Iraqi distribution grid Using Ant Colony Optimization

IT &  E-Learning  Symposium, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Dec. 2012

Using E-Learning Techniques for Power System Studying

Workshop of Electrical Engineering Curriculum Development, AL- Ma'moon University College, Baghdad, Iraq 

May 2012

Opinions of Work Fields in the Electrical Engineering Syllabus

First National Conference on Information Technology, Basra, Iraq 

March 2012

Fault Location in Iraqi Super Grid Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Symposium of " Solar Cell, actuality and future,"   AL-Ma'moon University College, Iraq

Feb. 2012

Enhancement of Solar Cells Efficiency

Short Course in AL-Ma'moon University College, Baghdad, Iraq 

Dec. 2011

SCADA  System, Principles and Applications (Short Course)

Symposium on " Applications of Computer Software on Energy Sector," Islamic University College- Najaf, Iraq

April 2011

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques on the Power System

Symposium of " Electrical Energy Resources, Reality, and Ambition,” AL-Ma'moon University College, Iraq

Feb. 2011

Transmission of Solar Space Power




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