Dr. Nabil Taha Ismael


Architectural engineering – It’s the image that form the shapes, technologies, science, spiritual and Aesthetics ambition, and the physical entities. It’s a people’s civilization that reminds us with our own history, landmarks, heritage and people’s evolution, it’s also a link between the past and the present.  The Architectural engineering presents a solution and harmony and a present life facts organizations for a society in an environment to fulfil its needs and their daily and future demands, it also tells a political, social, religious, humanitarian stories to pursue the architectural heritage and legacy for fulfilling an architecture identity that goes hand in hand with the environment and civilization

The establishment of the architectural engineering 2016 – 2017 in Diyala University is a fulfillment for the all the branches of engineering and also a need for the engineering science. And it also gives the university a gravity forward in achieving the goal of preparing an architecture engineers to build our governorate and our beloved country, in addition in our deep believe that this vision is coming true through the interaction between the students and the faculty staff members that has proven its great abilities. The Acknowledgement for the birth of this department must be presents to the collage dean Prof.Dr. Abdullmanum Abbas Kareem, and we hope in graduating batches of the architectures engineers with high abilities and potential in working in practical scientific environment relaying on their academic education of standards and knowledge.


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