Dr.Ahmed Daham Wiheeb



Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering, of The University of Diyala. Chemical engineering is an exciting, challenging and dynamic discipline. This field of study develops and changes continually and rapidly.

It is important to mention that our department is considered one of the main engineering specializations. It provides the industrial sector with qualified engineers in the field of industrial equipments design, distillation towers and heat exchangers which used in the field of oil and chemical industries, pollution control, food and pharmaceutical industries.

We are keen to work hard in developing our teaching and learning methods, laboratories and training programs. We aim to make our graduates able to utilize their knowledge and researches to be applicable with industry sector. As a student in the department, we work hard to provide you high quality motivating teaching and learning in this field of study. The staff is passionate about developing, delivering teaching, learning and assessment methods. They are consistently utilize technology including learning technologies for both in classes and laborites.

When you became a student in our department you will be a member of a community of learning, which brings staff and students together, provides opportunities to students to enhance their experiences and to develop personally through workshops and group discussion.

Our department is very proud of our graduates and students and wishing them to pursue successful careers in at the academic and industrial sectors.

We are glad to invite you to visit the rest of our website to find information about our department and staff research activities. I hope that can encourage you to study at our department.


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