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Communication as a humanly important activity accompanied life since evolution . At the beginning , it adopted simple forms and .was an important pillar among community relationships across different eras  communication , by its sophisticated means , was and still an essential factor in social and cultural change and development. Communication importance and seriousness are increasing in human life and community day after day due to great transformations made by the human in various fields , and his need for information , thoughts and experiences that require communication to be transferred and delivered to individuals and groups .Communication can be characterized as wired and wireless ground communication , and satellite communication which carried by satellite and this is regarded to be an advanced satellite means that has been invested in the system of information , exchange and transmission , among the globe parts Department of Satellite Communication Engineering at College of Engineering , University of Diyala was introduced in 2002 . Two years later , the department name was replaced by Department of Communication Engineering due to the significance of this strategic major at the present time , and its future prospects characterized by a rapid and broad prospective .


The scientific and research basis specialized in the communication field was expanded in a way to meet the needs of institutions whether belonged to the state or the private sector through qualifying input of human resources ( students ) and make them capable of dealing with modern communication techniques , and working efficiently and effectively with engineering staff holding the Bachelor Degree in Communication engineering to serve the country requirements .


The study in the department lasts for four years after the high school , and the graduates are granted the bachelor degree in the specialization field after fut filling the study requirements . The curricula are based on the nature and type of tasks required to be done by graduates of the pure major of communication engineering .




The actual specialization starts from the third year because there are concentrated topics in digital and satellite communication engineering , networks , encryption , communication security , data processing , etc.


Furthermore , the optional topics give flexibility to the curriculum because they all feed into the core of the pure specialization and it is  regarded to be a key stage for higher studies later .The department seeks to be able to compete deservedly and distinguishable with corresponding Arabic and International departments to be a pioneer in research projects , especially at the postgraduate level in the future , to be a center of attraction for national universities and international universities as well in the corresponding major and the institutions concerning with coordination and contact, and open collaboration prospects through conferences , consultations , training and developmental courses and cultural activities , i.e . , we aspire the department to become widely and systematically opened towards the community , besides being an educational institution



Dr . Montadar Abas Taher


Head of Communication Engineering Department

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