Nations  measured by their scientific and technological  progress and this progress is measured to be applied from that science and those applied technology to actually touch of civilization or what change in people's lives and all this science and advanced technology can not be reached only through the machines and equipment that science turned into reality and it is this fundamental point that human foresaw instinctively the development of human life are not taken only by what they offer that the machines and equipment that the basis of which comes from the Mechanics So we find that mechanical departments in universities and in any place is the pillar and foundation for the conversion of any science or technology from paper to tools work to achieve the dream of humanity that infinity him of this introduction we recognize the importance of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and reliable In the Faculty of Engineering, University of Diyala was the mechanics department with other departments core basic construction of the college and this section, which includes cadres mingled has the expertise and modernity, there are professors with academic experience and long cadres with long scientific expertise with newborn professors experience but they have modernity in science and technology, despite the lack of existing staff have been able section of the building its scientific edifice and continues to support students in science and technology including talking through field visits to specialized and near their academic study sites in order to provide communication between what is scientific and what is applied to the concrete reality and it and as a result the total of the novelty of the section it is obvious that appear in each year many requirements of equipment and devices and machines to support scientific application of theoretical study in addition to what is required of a cadre section of scientific research from which to develop the department and staff of scientific as well as efforts to make Section participate in the process of reconstruction and building of Diyala city and the next great renaissance in all fields and that must be technically and scientifically support is done through the provision of specialized devices that will provide support to the construction and ages and the involvement of students campaigns in the scientific life through their academic studies in order to enter into scientific life after graduation Confidence and stability.

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