last update :11-1-2023
  Head of the Department’s word

Dr. Salah  Hassan Ibrahim

Electronic Engineering Department is one of the essential scientific departments which formed the College of Engineering, which was founded as the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Since its establishment,  it sought to keep working on scientific development through the development and modernization of the curriculum and equipping laboratories with modern equipment. this was essential to increase practical knowledge of graduates in conjunction with the theoretical courses. The department prepares qualified engineers majoring in electronic engineering to supplement the public and private sectors to serve our beloved country. Through our follow-up of graduates, many of our engineers were appointed in administrative and technical positions in many institutions and companies in the governmental and private sectors . Many of the graduates have completed graduate studies and got their master's degrees and excelled on their peers in electronic engineering departments in other Iraqi universities and even their peers in foreign and international universities. And some of them are now practicing teaching and supervising undergraduate students in electronic engineering department. This, if anything, it shows that the department working on the right scientific path of the preparation of highly qualified engineers experienced in their field. Despite the positive results, which we referred to the department always seeks to develop curricula and introduce modern teaching methods and modern appliances in order to stay within the top Iraqi universities in the field of specialization. Also, the department and his plans for continuous development sent many lecturers to get graduate degrees within the missions in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and scholarship program within the graduate program of the Commission for the development of higher education in Iraq. Some of them are completed their study and returned back to contribute to the development of the department and the exactitude. In the areas of research, the department and within the general directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is working on making the graduation projects for students heading towards practical applications to serve the community and state institutions and the private sector. The same applies to research that introduces by the academic staff within the department's annual research plans which are guided by the department's  Scientific Committee. Finally, I would like to thank the staff of the Department of Electronic Engineering, technicians and administrators for their efforts and their giving generously to the development of the department and serve our students. In conclusion, we pray to the God Almighty to help us to deliver the best service to our beloved country Iraq


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