The Head's Word


In the name of Allah , the most merciful the most gracious praise be to Allah , Lord of the worlds , peace and blessings on the most virtous creation and the the beloved of the Right , Mohammed bin Abdullah                                                                                    

The college of Engineering was founded in 1998 . It was only two departments : Electronic Engineering Department and power and Electrical Machinery Engineering Department . Then, by the grace of Allah , after a brief period , the college has opened seven important scientific engineering departments .   The rapid change in contemporary technology was caused by the evolution  in electronic engineering , which is the main factor for this department Department of Electronic Engineering seeks to prepare scientific engineering staff able to keep up with the electronic revolution taking place in the world and that is the main cause of the modern life.The department also seeks to develop modern scientific curriculum in electronic engineering field in addition to complete all department laboratories requirements .Finally ,I would like to thank and appreciate my fellow members in Electronic Department as well as the department staff including technicians and administrators for their extensive efforts and hard work wishing them a multitude glittering and prosperity to serve our beloved IraqAlso I would like to pray Allah Almighty to provide us with the best to serve our country. 


Ph.D Mohammed Salman Salih Alansari


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