The head's of department word

Materials engineering department one of the important thing to complete the engineering specializations in order to prepare special engineering staff that can contribution to give necessary requirements to rise the country in engineering materials scientific fields according to international and local interest in this field, also to allay basic towards in specialties of this department with another fields as environment engineering, planning, design and executive the proposals and renew energy also more the substances and population etc. From the economic sectors.

Also the department aims to available the requirement apparatuses to have the necessary tests for the substances for all kinds and uses to achieve incoming in addition to scientific knowledge for the students through doing corporation work among the department and the government offices in the (province).

The limited aims which the department attained to acquire.

1- To prepare engineering staff that have specialization with materials engineering that able to provide the country what is needed in this field and in developing researched fields, laboratory tests and scientific engineering applications.

2- Ideal exploitations for the natural materials that have been presences in Iraq as fabricate the elementary materials for the existed polymerases from petrol although exploitation the elementary mineral materials in the north of Iraq and the west (as mining, quartzes, clones etc.)

3- To prepare engineering staff that able to rise the architectural growing operation by the modern ways through of the technology modern applications for the materials that specialty the building materials ( heating isolation, ideal exploitation of heating energy)

4- Keep the environment in good conditions through ( recycling the different materials operations by using the technology renew energy)


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