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The Head`s Message

The department of Power and Electrical Machinery was the first department opened at the college . It was established at the same period of the college establishment in 1998 , which was then called the college of Electrical and Electronic Engineering . Later , the college expanded to include other departments . This competent department was established to supply the country with graduates specialized in electrical power system and electrical machines and equipment thereto . They combine theoretical side and practical and technical side for being a specialized department not a general electrical engineering department as existing in most of Iraqi universities. The department site and the college are featured to have Diyala Company for Electrical Industries nearby which includes the largest manufacturer of electric transformers in Iraq as the province of Diyala contains Hamrin Power station , a large number of electric transformers industry and high-voltage lines existing in the province now as well as current and future projects for Ministry of Electricity ,Ministry of Industry and projects of the private sector companies .

The department is in charge of preparing qualified engineering staff to work in different locations of the complex installation of electric power system extended on our beloved country area according to a study plan that meets the development requirements of various engineering specializations . The study plan includes rehabilitation programme of both theoretical and practical sides as well as the summer training programme in stations and institutions of related major .

In spite of its modernity , the department proved its sobriety , leading position and serious attempt to respond to the requirements of construction and development , and the needs of the evolving work field in the country through outstanding efforts of the teaching staff in various fields by opening channels of cooperation with state departments and establishing joint seminars and panel discussion and trying to provide qualified graduates who the college and the province are proud of for their perfect contribution to support industrial and electrical sector .

The department aims to achieve a number of goals developed by the department administration to move the department to advanced and sophisticated stages through a scientific and training plan for the department by :

-Pursuing to implement lecturers` research plan . Establishing scientific seminars periodically by participating departments and companies of Ministry of Electricity and Ministry of Industry and seminars within the department as well as participating in scientific conferences and seminars inside and outside the college .

-Pursuing and supervising on the fourth year graduate projects and the the summer training for the third year students .

-Working and scientific cooperating with corresponding departments in other universities .

-Oranizing field visits for power stations , companies and related locations .

– Establishing specialized courses for the employees of the state departments as well as the department staff .

-Reviewing the curriculum periodically and improving them according to the scientific development

Head of Power and Machine Department



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