Brief  info about  Informatics unit  

Informatics is one  of important units in the Administrative section  where this unit to save all information of  college staff   and updated periodically and continuously depending on  administrative orders we receive. The unity and also updates the bonuses and promotions for each member of a month and scientific title changes for teachers and job title changes for employees. This unit is also supplying unit Studies and Planning and the unity of research and development and the rest of the other units in all what it needs of questionnaires or queries or any personal information or public private  and also the unit to answer any special expedited book request information and data to employees or teachers and also special for the completion of the member identity data recording and sent to the presidency of the university.

And made sure our unity and struggled to keep pace with progress in various fields through our commitment to connect online with league officials and information in the presidency of the university and continuous updating of the program and the data and to ensure that updated information stored in the interest of work in our college

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