Information and Public Relations


It is the section competent to highlight the college activities and supervision of the activities that highlight the college and effectiveness of the interface, which includes the organization and preparation programs Post University in national events and the organization of the annual graduation ceremonies for graduates of the college and coordinate the celebrations held by the college as that of the Division and a clear role in highlighting these activities in different media

 Section parts


2. media coverage

3. media follow-up and coordination

4. Public Relations Unit

Tasks and duties of the  Information and Public Relations section : –

1. Organization of relations between the people and administrative units in college.

2-organization of public relations between the college and the relevant departments to maintain.

3-supervision of conferences, symposia, seminars and all scientific and cultural activities organized by the college.

4-supervision of the college versions.

5-supervision of the celebrations organized by the college.

6-documented Mr. Dean of the College of media activities and visits.

7-supplement the University of media activities of the University.

8. Coordination with publishing houses and libraries in the province and other provinces for the purpose of exhibitions of books in all scientific, human and literary terms of reference for teachers and students take advantage of them.

9. cover the activities of the college media journalists and radio and television.

10. Follow-up to what is published in newspapers of complaints concerning the work of the college, and the follow-up to these problems and respond to them and solve them in coordination with the relevant authorities and institutions of different publication.

11. regulate the flow of newspapers to process this college by subscription or purchase.

12. facilitate and organize the work of delegates, journalists and media professionals in the television networks held various meetings with Mr. Dean and Heads of departments.

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