Mr. Khaled A. Al-Dolaimy, holds a master's degree in production engineering from the University of Technology, Iraq/1994. He worked as an engineer till 1996 then as a lecturer at the University of Technology – Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering for the academic year 1996-1997. worked in many fields such as; project management, mechanical design, manufacturing, and as a specialist in the field of computer added design and manufacturing, (CAD/CAM), and as mechanical designer using CAD software ( AutoCAD and SolidWorks), and project engineer in several Arabic and Canadian companies such as; ISA Technologies Inc., CCR Technologies Inc.  He studded several courses such as; (CAD/CAM), SolidWorks and projects management. He got the Provisional Engineering licence at Ontario Association for Professional Engineers/ Canada (PEO)- Canada. Now he is working as a lecturer at the Engineering College-university of Diyala since 2013 till now. He is teaching; statics, strength of materials, CAD/ SolidWorks, and engineering drawing. He is concern with the mechanical design & manufacturing and project management.

Teaching the following subjects:                                                                              

 Engineering Drawing

Topics Covered

Introduction, drawing tools, table,  lines

Lines, circles

Tangent arcs, circles with lines & circles

dividing angles and circles



Dimension on the drawing

Complete Sectioning drawing

Halve Sectioning drawing

Isometric drawing


Static & strength of materials  

Topics Covered

Introduction,  Vectors

Force, Force analysis, Force in 3 D

Moment, Couples, Equilibrium

Monthly Exam, and Friction

Friction – atilt surfaces

Center of mass & gravity

Centroid-Center of area

Moment of inertia

Strength of materials Def., Simple stress

Shear stress,

Stress in Thin cylinder

Simple strain,

Stresses in composite material

Shear strain

Monthly exam /Thermal stress

Forces on beams & reactions

Shear force diagrams

Bending moment diagrams

Equation of  bending stresses in beams

Equation of  shear stresses in beams

Curves of stress and moment in beams

Deformation- Simply supported beams

Deformation /one side supported beams


CAD Drawing on SolidWorks Software

Topics Covered

SolidWorks -Orientation


How to create entities

2D Linier & circular patterns

Offset, 2D mirror


Extrude feature

2 D layout-dimensioning

Create planes,

Revolve feature, sweep

Extrude cut feature

Helical, loft feature

3D Linier & circular patterns


Hole wizard

Draft, fillet, chamfer