Dr. Suha I. Alnassar

Communication Engineering Dept.

College of Engineering

 Diyala University, Iraq.

                                   Mobile: +96407707852093

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Distance measurement plays a vital role in engineering, science, business. The distance is always measured between two points. Generally distance measurement is possible only by making contact with the target whose distance is to be measured, but this project  discusses the measurement of distance without making contact with the target  using Laser transducers. Here the distance is calculated on the basis on time taken by the pulse generated by the laser transducer to travel to the target and return as reflected echo.

The main  aim of designing this system t is the contact less measurement of distance from a target. The basic principle is a signal (a pulse of some shape) onto the target and process the reflected signal to determine the distance of the target. We have taken the time of flight approach, wherein the delay between transmitted and received pulses (or the time of flight of the projected ultrasonic pulses) is measured to get the distance.

This device also makes the use of microcontroller for calculating the distance and displaying it on a seven segment display. The distance up to 500 m is calculated in air medium at ambient temperature.


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