The Legal Division is one of the  important division in all state departments, including our college, especially if we realize that legal is the first reference to any department of state  because any decision or administrative order issued based on the legitimacy of a law or regulations or instructions so seek our division to exert more effort to upgrade the legality .it  considered to be the  legal representative of the College before the courts, police stations and other government departments Legal Division .also empowered to Article 9 of the law book   of reverse number (33) for the year 1998 for the official Legal Division or his nominee from the legal staff of the validity of the notary with regard to the ratification of the pledges, guarantees and contracts of his foundation
Our Division has undertaken several activities including:
1.Conduct official correspondence and answers inquiries between the college and the presidency of the university or with other State that are relevant to the work of the Division departments.
2. To participate in the investigative committees as a member of a key which is also stipulated in the discipline of state employees and the public sector Law No. (14) of 1991 amended in any incident in college based on a complaint from an employee or a referral from Mr. Dean and issued a special formation of the investigative committees and recommendations of administrative orders.
3.Subscribe to the discipline committee of students and make recommendations in accordance with the law discipline students in higher institutions of Alim and Scientific Research No. (160) for the year 2007.
4.To participate in the audit committees formed in the college students and the Committee for a grant and the rest of the other committees.
5.Preparation of students and bail guarantor pledges and validation studies for the morning and evening.
6.Preparation of graduate students of pledges and validation.
7.Review, the courts and other state departments of police stations as a representative in respect of legal issues pertaining to college.
8.Dissemination of books on scientific departments, divisions and units and the Office of Scientific Services
9.The preparation of the marital commitments to the staff of the college and approved.
10.The conclusion of contracts for the college and approved.
11. follow-up issue from the presidency of the university and its application, including what the prohibition against dealing with companies and contractors outlawed deal with them as well as with respect to booking movable and immovable property for people and companies and raise the booking and other.

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