Department of Mechanical Engineering:-
Scientific Research Vision Mechanical engineering department aims to be one of the most important academic cornerstones in the country by graduation engineering and research competencies whose able to lead the academic and industrial community in Iraq. Mission Mechanical department servesthe province and country by graduation qualified engineers in both undergraduate and postgraduate studiesto be able to lead, supervise and execute important engineering projects. Goals 1- The department seeks to be one of the advanced departments in Iraq and the world. 2- The department works to continue in being a source of leading engineers whose able to lead and execute high quality projects in mechanical engineering field. 3- To be anextraordinary academic and researchcenter in mechanical engineering. 4- To continue in supplying students with education requirements and keep going in improving and developing these requirements inaccordance with the global standards. 5- Enhance and promote community and external institution confidence  in the department outputs by improving it. 6- To collaborate and share the scientific science by making deals with other universities and scientific institutionsfrom developed countries.

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