ChairmanDean of the collegeProf. Dr.Anees Abdulah Kadhim1
MemberDean Assistant for scientific and students affairsProf. Dr. Ali Lafta Abbass2
Member Dean Assistant for managements and financial affairsQassem H. JalutProf. Dr. 3
Member power and mechines departmentRagad Ali MajeedDr. 4
Member electronics engineering departmentDr.Saad Mohammed Saleh5
Member communication engineering department Dr. Montadar Abas Taher6
Membercomputereng departmentDr. Ali Jasim Abood7
Membercivil engineering departmentProf.Dr.Khattab Saleem Abdul-Razzaq8
Membermechanical engineering departmentDr. Dhia Ahmed Salal Alazawi9
Memberchemimical engineering departmentProf. Dr.Anees Abdulah Kadhim10
Member materials engineering departmentDr.Muazer Taha Mohamed11
MemberArchitecher engineering departmentDr. A. Ali Hussain12
Member  Mr.Ahmed Salah Hameed13

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