I have completed the Bachelor degree in electrical engineering science  from Baghdad university ,college of engineering ,electrical engineering department in 1981 .

I have completed the M.Sc degree in electronic and communication science from Al-mustansiryah university ,college of engineering in 2000 .

I have worked more than (18) years with Diyala company for electrical industries that belongs to the ministry of industry and minerals .

At the start of 2004 my services have been transferred to the ministry of high education and scientific researches .

I have done as a chief of computer science department ,and also a chief for electronic engineering department in college of engineering ,diyala university .

Now I am still working in communication engineering department as a lecturer .

I have published (6) papers in different journals ,where our papers focused on industrial engineering control .


Subject :            Electrical circuits / Second year  



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Electrical circuits

Second year









The sequence of lectures

The title of lectures

Lecture -1

Transient for RL circuits

Lecture -2

Transient for RC circuits

Lecture -3

Transient for RLC circuits  

Lecture -4

Laplace transform for RL circuit             

Lecture 5

Laplace transform for RC circuit            

Lecture -6

Laplace transform for RLC circuit            

Lecture -7

Star-star  in poly phase circuits

Lecture -8

Star-delta in poly phase circuits

Lecture -9

Delta-delta in poly phase circuits

Lecture -10

Delta-delta in poly phase circuits 

Lecture -11

Real Power in balanced loads

Lecture -12


Real Power in unbalanced loads

Lecture -13

Complex Power in balanced loads

Lecture -14

Complex Real Power in unbalanced loads

Lecture -15


Lecture -16


Lecture -17


Lecture -18


Lecture -19

Coupling coefficient

Lecture -20

Two-port network

Lecture -21

Z-parameters in two-port network

Lecture -22

Y-parameters in two-port network 

Lecture -23

h-parameters in two-port network

Lecture -24

g-parameters in two-port network

Lecture -25

Tutorials for the two port- networks

Lecture -26

Low-pass filter

Lecture -27-

High-pass filter

Lecture -28

  Band-pass filter  

Lecture -29

Band-reject filter

Lecture -30

Butterworth filter