Nano – technology (a window with no limits)


Assistant Lecturer : Isam Salah Hameed

Department of Electronic engineering



In the very past, human beings expressed themselves in different ways and most of human beings outcomes were about how strong they are such as building  Pyramids. While in the thirties,  a new age of thoughts were erupted in a way that reflected powerful inventions as an indication of how human beings are able to think and how strong are their brains that led to make the room- size computer to be minimized to a portable computer at present. It might not be the only comparison because what has already been slow and heavy in past, has already been faster and lighter in our present time. The question is: how can something like this to be possible? If we already know the answer because we  know the history of the past, then what about those human beings  who live in the past? and do they able to imagine the amount of development in different sciences if we tell them what would be possible in their future which is the past of ours. In the same way, will it be able for a person from the future  to write an essay in which the thirties will be  his very past and our present is his past and his present is our future ? and again , do we able to imagine the amount of development in different sciences if we are told  what would be possible in our future. Let us go far away to close distances towards the very tiny part that is called (Nano) which is one part out of one meter cut into  of 1000,000,000 parts. Yes, this is  one  Nano  that can equal in size to only one red blood cell if it (the Nano) combines with almost another ( 7499) Nano. Finally, make sure that the DNA is about 2.5 Nano and 20 atoms can all together build only one Nano. Therefore, experts say that by Nano- technology, it would be possible to build any material one atom by one as well as the ability to change the properties of what we have built until reaching very durable and exact designs. Moreover, experts realize that most of our huge problems will find the secrets of their solutions in that very tiny world (The world of NANO).