Digital electronics laboratory
  1. Nor gate circuit
  2. Nand gate circuit
  3. Xor gate circut
  4. Adders & subtracts logic circuits
  5. Compare ator circuits
  6. Encoder ,decoder , multiplexer & DE multiplexer logic circuits
  7. Flops circuits
  8. Synchronous binary
Computer programming laboratory

First Semester

  1. MSDOS Operating System
  2. Windows Operating System
  3. Win Word
  4. Excel
  5. power point
  6. Computer Aided Programs/AutoCAD
  7. introduction on Internet

Second Semester

البرمجة بلغة C++

Fundamentals’ of Electrical  Engineering  I


Exp 1.DC voltage Measurement.

Exp 2.Using an Ohmmeter.

Exp 3.Resistor characteristics.

Exp 4.DC current Measurement.

Exp 5.Ohm's low.

Exp 6.Power in DC circuit.

Exp 7.Series –Parallel  network  and Kirchhoff's z     low.

Exp 8.Super position, Thevenin's and  Norton's Theorems.

Exp 9.Maximum power transfer.

Exp 10 .AC voltage Measurement.

Exp  11.AC current Measurement

Machine D.C



  1. D.C compound Wound Generator
  2. D.C compound Wound Motor
  3. D.C Separately – Excited Generator
  4. D.C Series Wound Motor
  5. NO – Load characteristic
  6. Load characteristic
  7. D.C shunt Wound Motor
  8. Single – phase Transformer

Computer programming laboratoryII

First Semester

Advanced programming (Matlab)

First Semester                

Software engineering application

(Work bench, PSPICE, AutoCAD)

Analogue Electronic laboratory
  1. Automatic Lamp Dimming circuit
  2. Diac and Triac characteristics
  3. Diode characteristics
  4. IGBT characteristics and speed control
  5. FET MOSFET characteristics and MOSFET speed control
  6. Motor Starting and speed control
  7. Overvoltage and under voltage breaker
  8. Power supply circuits
  9. PUT characteristics
  10. SCR D.c motor forwardreverse control
  11.  SCR rectifier circuits
  12. SCR and RC phase control
  13. SCS characteristics
  14. SCS trigger circuits
  15. Motor starting and speed control
  16. UJT characteristics
  17. Zero voltage switch
Machine A.C

Semester 1

  1. Three – phase Squirrel Cage induction Motor
  2. Wye –Delta Starting
  3. PF correction
  4. NO – Load characteristic
  5. Blocked – Rotor Test 
  6. Torque – Speed characteristic

Semester 2

  1. Armature impedance Measurement
  2. No-Load Saturation characteristic
  3. Short – circuit characteristic 
  4. Load characteristic
Advanced Computer programming laboratory