Practiced Associate Dean of the College or Institute the following powers to facilitate the work of its sections

First: – administrative powers

1. administrative and technical staff in coordinating the work of the college and all the units in accordance with the requirements of work at the college and their distribution between these units so as to ensure the interests of the college and their need.

2. the issuance of appointment orders and placement and retirement and resignation, except for the implementation of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 550 of 1989.

3. to approve the granting of  usuall leave for technicians, administrators and contractors from college employees to enjoy it inside and outside Iraq.

4. recommendation to upgrade the college employees are technicians and administrators.

5. to approve the mandate of the college staff and affiliates overtime university.

6. agree to accept medical reports and issued from inside Iraq and outside the college for all employees to be on those reports meet the controls and provisions contained in the sick leave system No. 76 of 1959 and its amendments.

7. guide books thanks and appreciation to employees of the college of technicians and administrators, according to the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

8. make the necessary movements in administrative staff at the college and in accordance with the requirements of the public interest and in coordination with the Deanship of the college and the heads of scientific sections.

9. Signature on special orders granting leave and the usual summer holidays and bonuses to those prescribed by the law shall be referred to the retirement of the employees of the college version.

10. Signature on annual bonuses and promotions for staff and administrative technicians forms.

11. granting maternity leave and childbirth college to all affiliated and by the decisions and regulations in force.

Second: – The financial authorities

1. Approval of statements and refer to additional periods in accordance with the competent committees and in accordance with the General Conditions of Contracting and the applicable laws and regulations.

2. granting cash bonuses and incentive to employees of the college of outstanding and no later than (10000) ten thousand dinars in each case.

3. distribution of the necessary financial allocations of scientific departments and in coordination with the validity of the Heads of Departments.

4. Approval of exchange and advances scholarship for teachers and administrators and technicians to employees of the college within the country and for the appropriate periods to accomplish the task.

5. approval of the grant allocations and professional engineering and instead of infection and the risk and other provisions prescribed and according to the laws and regulations and instructions.

6. recommendation to refer the employees of the department to investigate in accordance with the law discipline of state employees.

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