SAWSAN A. MUNEM is an assist prof. at the Department of Material Engineering, College of Engineering, Diyala University, Diyala, Iraq. She has been teaching English Language for a bout 8 years for all departments of the college of Engineering at Diyala university. Her major is linguistics .Her research interest includes discourse ,grammar and applied linguistics .She has published more than 6 research papers in the different field of language. She has got Bachelor degree department of translation -College of Arts – University of Mosul . Master degree in linguistics- college of Languages- University of Baghdad -2009

Assistant Lecturer 1-10 -2010

Lecturer 1-10 -2013

Assistant Prof. 3-1-2017




The Use of Active and Passive Voice in the News Language . ALUSTATH Number extension 218– volume one – University of Baghdad – College of Ibin Rushed 2016
The Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Study of Questions In Selected Conversations .College of Languages 2015– 32
Imperative Structures: Form and Function in "Oliver Twist " -Al-Mustansirya Journal of Arts2113 – 63
The Distinction between Coordinate and Subordinate Clauses USTATH University of Baghdad –College of Ibin Rushed 2012 – 201
-A study of Adjective and Adjectival Phrase in English with reference to English Language Learners. Al -Mustansirya Journal of Arts- 572112 –
-Discourse Markers in English Spoken Language- Journal of College of Languages2111 -11




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