Scientific Activities of the Department of Computing and Software Engineering for the period from 01/10/2013 to 01/02/2014

1. has been held (6) seminars in the department by the teaching staff.
2. The following research has been published in local and international magazines:

A- Paper title:" Performance Evaluation of the Position Control of an AC Analysis and Motor using PD-ID-PID Fuzzy Logic Controller.                                                                                               
Auther : Zeyad Assi Obaid,Saad Abdalmageed Salman and Ibrahim Saadon               

B- Paper title:"Sustainable IT:Realization Survery Among Academic Institutions in Iraq

Auther: Ali J.Abboud,Omar S.Saleh.                                                                                                          

3. The participation of two of the teaching section in the committees of the validity of teaching, which was formed by the university.

The development of the wind tunnel mechanical device
Subsonic Wind Tunnel wind tunnel machine with speed low-lying. The wind tunnel machine with speed low-lying located in the laboratory of Fluid / Department of Mechanical Engineering of the important devices that are used to conduct practical tests by students and researchers on the wings and the balls and cut-outs of aircraft and wind turbine models and a wide range of different shapes and objects that are placed in the test chamber to a wind tunnel where enable them to study the airflow and the calculation of the distribution of pressure in different locations and its characteristics such as lifting and braking and torque and pressure coefficient, or the study of air resistance to the movement of aircraft or cars as well as finding and developing roads to improve the performance of these suites and objects.



Practical activities:

Misdemeanors is streamlined body flat when the fluid flow (air, water, etc …) around it suitable angle affects the runoff on the surface of the first forces misdemeanors my vehicle lifting force perpendicular to the direction of flow and the second braking force (drag) parallel to the flow.

The misdemeanors clip manufacturing above in workshops Faculty of Engineering, where the dimensions main task of being a rectangle and The form sold of $ 320 mm and has a chord of $ 300 mm which is made of alloy of aluminum and number 21 of the holes distributed pressure on the biplane upper and lower conductive copper pipes for the purpose of pressure distribution account The economic cost of a few good results of the model and NAVA important process for the purpose of study and research for students and researchers.

While the existing prototype in the laboratory and equipped with wind tunnel contains a very small number of holes that pressure does not exceed ten holes and is not enough for students and researchers to get accurate results and close the process of theoretical results.

Modern control technology -add inside misdemeanors clip: –
Add a modern control flow separation within the model factory for the purpose of identification and the statement of the impact of this technology on the properties Aldenahoaiah for misdemeanors and use the results obtained for the purpose of study and research techniques.
3-manufacturing multi-Manomitr pipe (Multi-tubes manometer): –
 Which is used to measure the pressure on the upper and lower surface of the wing and the calculation of the distribution of pressure on them using water pipes instead of Almanomitr as well as used to calculate the speed of the wind tunnel.
Where was manufactured from alloy aluminum and plastic tubes and paper chart and at a cost of a few economic note Almanomitr equipped with the wind tunnel in the lab contains 10 columns which is not sufficient to calculate the pressure distribution over the wings while factory machine has a 30-tube making it easier to researchers and students get readings less and less effort .

4-manufacturing device Three component wind tunnel balance


Usefulness install the wing section of the test wind tunnel chamber and the level of horizontal for the purpose of pass the airflow by an angle of zero attack and were also provided with disk rotor installed on it to give nook different attack to the cover with the direction of the flow of air in order to study and research note that the device has not been supplied with the wind tunnel.

5. making electronic measurement system:
We are currently working on making electronic circuit and experimentation process them for the purpose of data that are taken practically convert and in a manner traditional and converted into electrical signals sent to a special program computer for the purpose of analyzing the data and give the results and draw curves which saves time, effort and precision to the researchers.
The supervisor of the development of the machine teacher assistant Abdul Khader najim
Share holders:
1-m M. Hussain Sultan (paragraph 5).
2-m. Sami Ali Nawi (paragraph 4).
3-technician Hassan Awad ali (paragraph 4).
4-technician Mohammed Jalal (4+ paragraph 3).
5.   Otmaad Dawood Juma .
6-group of students from the Department of Computing (paragraph 5).

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