About bureau

Name                        :Scientific and Advisory Services bureau /diyala university /college  of  engineering

Bureau classification : third

Establishment date     :24/12/2001

Mail  address             :Iraq/Diyala/ Baquba / Post box(16)

E-mail 1                   :

E-mail 2                   :

Website                    :

Mobile                      : 07704547374-964-00  &  07802564616-964-00

Bureau  aim :

Main aims it’s include the  following:

1.Offers Consulting services invariousprojects

2.Preparing of the plans and designs architectural, construction, health and electrical
4.Preparation of feasibility studies and reports for various projects
5.establishment of educational and training courses in all disciplines.

Bureau structures

The organizational structure of the bureau  is  divided into branches :






Chief executive officer


Occupied by the dean


Bureau administer


Occupied by a Professorin college


Member executive officer


Occupied by a Professorsfrom college






Administrative bureau






Bureau store management



Service workers


Certificate of Incorporation of Bureau

 Business  provided by the Office  

A.Electrical bussiness:

1. Checking cables of all kinds

2. examination session breakers of all kinds

3. examination overload types phase failure

4. study and revealed set up and generators of all sizes

5. Work ELECTRICAL distribution circuites for all projects

6. electric motor winding of all kinds

7. pull the rolled wire

 B. Civil and structural bussiness:

1. Checking soil investigations

2. Check grit Gravel Category (B) and (C)

3. examination of coarse aggregate

4. examine the fine aggregate

5. examination of perforated bricks

6. examine the concrete paving stone

7. examine concrete cubes age 7 Day

8. examine concrete cubes at 28 Day

9. examine Hdl Khabt

10. Examination of  (in situ density) Hdl Earth’s natural

11. Examination of  concrete Block

12. examination  of  Hdl Space (in situ density) class (B)

13. examination of kerbstone

14. examine the dust

C. Courses:

1. English language courses at all levels and create courses TOEFL exam

2. Other language courses at all levels

3. Computer courses of all types and levels and maintenances

4. engineering courses in all engineering disciplines

  D.Design Business:

1. designs heavy-water treatment station

2. Auditing and authentication designs  Rains  water streams

3. audit and authentication designs rain water pumping station

 E.  supervision bussiness:

1. overseeing all construction projects

2. supervision of the research to the production process for government departments


1. environmental impact reports for all projects

2. Environmental impact reports of private sector


Statistics the number of work completed

       Table below shows the number of work done at the bureau from the  establishing year  until the end of September of 2013 are classified by type:

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Work type NO
46 92 54 6 ــــــ ــــــ 1 ــــــ ــــــ ــــــ ــــــ ــــــ Civil and structural 1
1 27 ــــــ 1 ــــــ ــــــ ــــــ ــــــ 1 3 1 8 Electrical 2
1 27 ـــــ 1 ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ 2 ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ courses 3
2 5 5 15 3 ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ Design works 4
8 14 ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ Supervising works 5
ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ 2 ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ ـــــ reports 6

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