Names of Scientific Promotions Committee in the College of Engineering


Assist. Prof. Khattab Saleem AbdulRazzaq

Member & Reporter

Assist.Prof. Anees Abdullah Kadhim


Assist. Prof. Habeeb Shallal Jasim


Assist.Prof. Qasim Hameed Jalu’t


Assist.Prof. Sa’ad Thiab Faris

Secretary of the Committee

Senior Engineer Asmaa Abduljabbar Kamel

Duties of Scientific Promotions Subcommittee /  Engineering College / Diyala University

1-Following up submitted papers for scientific promotions to the degree of Lecturer, Assistant Professor , after ending up all requirements.

2-Following up submitted papers for scientific promotions to the degree of Professor, and submit them to the Central Scientific Promotions Committee in Diyala University.

 3-Archieving with organization of papers for scientific promoted persons and preparing a summary for each case.

 Instructions for Promotions

Please care for the following articles of the Ministry of Education:

Issue No. (29)  out of  No. (40) for  1988

Resolution  No. (315)  for 1988

No. (36) instructions of scientific promotions for 1993

The second adjustment for the instructions of scientific promotions in Universities and Technical Institutes

Cabinet Resolution No. (441)  for  2008

 Summary for Instructions of Scientific promotions and the required documents

Instructions of  scientific promotions

Instructions for  submitted papers of scientific promotions

Personal requirements for scientific promotions

Form No. (1)

Order paper for scientific promotion


 Archiving data for scientific promoted persons

Archiving data for scientific promotions for Engineering College / Diyala University


Scientific Promotions Status for the submitted papers recently

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