Seminar of power and machines Engineering department

More scientific tender, creativity and service for the scientific progress and supervised by Prof
Dr.(Abdul Moneim Abbas Kareem) Dean of the Engineering college the power and machines Engineering held a scientific symposium under the slogan (the national electric grid Reality and Prospects) on Tuesday 12-3-2013 at 10 am at the Hall of Engineering College where he opened the symposium Prof. Dr. (Abdul Moneim Abbas kareem) Dean of college and praised the Preparatory Committee for the symposium's efforts and welcomed the arriving guests from outside the college and the researchers involved, also delivered by Dr. (Nasrallah Salman Khalaf), head of electric power engineering and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the symposium speech in which define What are the objectives of the seminar and symposium theme as well as welcomed the guests present. The aim of the seminar is to introduce the current reality of the national electric network and what Suffers and what scientific researches it needs for the advancement and try to open new horizons for the development and future expansion based on scientific basic and what can be provided by academics of studies for the development of this vital sector


The themes the symposium are

1-transmission and distribution networks
2-protection, operation and control systems
3-economics of electric power system
4-uses of renewable energy
5-Load Forecasting and management of pregnancy
The symposium included the following posts of researchers


1. Dr. Azhar Majeed alrawee / University al mamoun  
2.Esmat Fares Taan / Electricity Distribution Directorate -diyala
 3.akedm Muthanna Mohammed Kazem / Karkh Electricity Distribution Directorate
 4. Nasrallah Salman Khalaf /  Engineering college , University of Diyala 
5.  Ghassan Abdullah Salman / College of Engineering, University of Diyala
 6.  Hatem khadban Abboud / College of Engineering, University of Diyala 
7.  Nasreen Khamas sabaa / College of Engineering -University of Diyala

 the seminar was ended gave certificates of appreciation to the participants by Prof. Dr. (Abdul Moneim Abbas Kareem) Dean of the college of Engineering, and wished all participants further progress service for our beloved  iraq General and especially our province

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