Sports and artistic activities section  

The organizational structure of his people sporting and artistic activities
1. Participation in outdoor activities
2. The establishment of sporting, artistic and cultural activities
3. Arbitration sports activities
4. Management of  all student activities 
5. organizing scientific trips for students
6. establishment of sports training courses
Associate names with their agenda .
1.  yossif  Abdul Amir Darwish, Director of Sports Division and the technical organization and management of activities
2. observant Husam Khalil Wardam arbitration tournaments 
3. Games Rasha Iyad Shafiq regulation and arbitration student activities and the establishment of courses 
4. Arts Hassan Ali Karji organizing art exhibitions
The most important activities of the Division for the academic year 2013-2014
Penta Ball
     People set up sports and artistic activities on 12.01.2013 Championship five football where qualified for the final power engineering  team against communications engineering team and the result was in favor of power engineering behind penalty shoot three goals against one goal team .

 sports and artistic activities  held a  Basketball Championship  on 11/27/2013, where qualified for the final of the Department of Communications and the Department of Chemical team team and the game ended in victory Communications department outcome of 34 points versus 22 points.


 sports and artistic activities held a starring (the late Professor Abdul Haq behind) volleyball on 12/15/2013 where qualified for the final against Team Chemical Engineering Communications Engineering team and the game ended in victory chemical engineering team on the outcome of two games contacts without charge.


 table tennis

     sports and artistic activities held a of the Division on 11/10/2013 Championship table where individual students qualified for the final student Mohammed Khalil Department of Mechanical Engineering at solarise student Bassam happiest of engineering mechanics.

 sports and artistic activities  held a   Championship League volleyball on 02/09/2014 on the playground of our college and with the participation (13) College.

sports and artistic activities established  Badminton Championship (for students) on 17/02/2014  between sections where Alaa Saad college student of the Civil Division, won the solarise student Abdullah Mohammed of the civil division

 sports and artistic activities held a Chess Championshipon 12.01.2014 (for students) between the sections where he won the college student (Abdul Rahman Al Saadoun al-Qais) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering first place on the player (Zulfikar Abdul Razak) from the Department of Communications Engineering .

 sports and artistic activities established  Chess Championship on 05.01.2014 Mr. Nasser Abdul Hassan scored first place on solarise Mr. Hassan Ali Tayeh

sports and artistic activities held  course to teach Arabic calligraphy for  students on 02.10.2014

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