Studies and Planning         

Tasks and Studies Unit, Planning and Follow-up
1-Name: Diyala University / Faculty of Engineering 2. Division Name: studies Unit , planning and follow-up. 3. The Division  responsible: D.khtab Salim Abdul Razak 4. The total number of staff: (3) employees. 5. The actual number of staff: (3) employees. 6. Number of newly recruited staff (2007 and above): (1) an employee one ((reset)) 7. size of the Division’s work: a few average (large) 8. the proportionality of the  business with the number of employees: (proportional) 9. trading e-Style: The e-trading by staff of the Division and be between the Associate Dean for Student Affairs Office as well as the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs Office. 10. conservation and archiving method and the criteria used to classify files and priorities: conservation have traditionally by box file with the presence of the issued and records contained in the unit. 11. tasks and duties of the Division: (overview of the work of the Division) summed up the work of the unit studies, planning and follow-up, including the following:  
A – Statistics University
It includes statistics the number of students admitted and who are in college and by section in terms of the number of male and female and repeaters for one year or be moved and students hosted and transferred to and from the statistical total number of teaching staff in terms of competencies and certification and state donor to testify functional class with the numbers of staff and by jurisdiction and certificate functional class with compliance with tables that include all associate
As well as the table shows the number of scientific laboratories and workshops, practical training and numbers of Computing and lines the Internet in college with a note of annual additions and total number of periodicals books in the college library and planned to add each type and area of buildings and classrooms, sports fields, parks and advisory tasks and training courses planned and executed them note that the completion of this work It takes more than two months continuously.
B – Preparation of the annual plan
C – the scientific preparation of the plan
The plan includes scientific what has been planned and implemented the College of Engineering in terms of admission of students expected their presence and their graduation, theses and research classes ended and the translation of books, conferences, seminars and capacity available and the number of hours of study weekly scheduled and program development of the angel of the administrative, technical and construction projects and provide scientific resources / library, free education, missions and vacations seminars and bilateral agreements between universities and activity guidance and educational activity and extra-curricular sports activities

 D – Preparing the annual report

Planned students includes admission and admissions actually proportion of acceptance achieved for the current year and last year and the number of students who are actually graduating from the initial study and the agenda includes preparing students involved in the final exam and successful in the final exam and the percentage of successful to the participants as well as the proportion of Alraspon to participants, place and date of the holding of conferences and seminars / scientific research and translated books by faculty

E – Statistical students graduating this year

F- the number of database work leavers and new recruits

g– Create summer training for students in the third phase forms and receive special evaluation forms to students after the end of the training period

hPreparation and forms for applicants to preliminary studies within the channel outstanding

The work of the unit also includes statistics and numbers of students who are graduating in terms of failure and success, transportation, transit and punctuation constraint and everything related to students.

Preparation, including full information on the teaching staff and external lecturers statistics, statistics as well as staff numbers and addresses functional. Note that the work of the Unit relevant to the work of the Division of registration and all academic departments at the college.

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