The Head Of The Department 

Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmed Suliman Abdullah

IEEE – Senior Member


The revolution that the world attests now  in the field of data communications across both the international network and devices, cellular and modern communications, Department of Communications Engineering has made the most important scientific departments modern engineering, the main role in the development and change of civilization, cultural and scientific communication between nations and peoples.

The transfers of information have large effect in practical life since brewing communications are simple, which are messages that are transmitted by human or carrier pigeon. Although of their importance at the time, but lacked the speed factor. So the work of scientists to increase the speed factor for the transfer of information by devising means of primary communication, which was characterized by a distance of Transportation few relatively slow speed such as phones and old encryption .Due to major role provided by these devices in war and peace, it was necessary for scientists from developed and up dated to what we have reached now.

The Department of Communications Engineering in University of Diyala /college of engineering. Since it was founded in 2002, aims to preparing engineering staff able to work in various sectors of telecommunications services for Diyala conservation in particular and to our beloved Iraq in general.

Communication Department graduated several courses and was the first session of the academic year 2006/2005 since the founding of the Department of Communications Engineering in 2002 section continues to expand activities in research, education and scientific services through the department, which include: –

  1. Analog and Digital Communications Engineering.
  2. Modern Communications Engineering.
  3. Microwave Engineering.
  4. Engineering antennas and propagation.
  5. Radar and satellite engineering.
  6. Cellular hardware engineering.
  7. Digital Signal and Image Processing Engineering.
  8. Optical communications and laser engineering.
  9. Microprocessor and Wireless network architecture

The bachelor's degrees in Communications Engineering conferred by department are obtained through the course over four years of study science.

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