The  quality guarantee and university performance section always looking for securing the academic operation in order to build a significant academic system . The division main goal is to depend on Comprehensive system reflects the perfection of the supreme management to promote the university performance .                                                       

Furthermore , the aim of this section is creating educational and academic environment at the college of engineering adopting the international criteria for the academic performance to achieve the international dependency .   

The manager Word

In the name of God the most gracious and most merciful 

Thanks to God and his Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him ) our educational institution in fact, that is to say ,the university has a vital and effective role as all the energies and human resources attracted by the country in all ministries and cooperation are related to educational field , experiences and graduate staff from universities and colleges . The guarantee of potential and Proficiency of those human resources and staff means guarantee the country development , progress and prosperity .

Prof . Mudhafar Kareem Abdullah 

The manager of quality guarantee and academic performance 

quality guarantee and the academic performance section 

This unit tries to guarantee the high quality of academic  operation in order to form a significant and educational system . The main goal of this unit is to build an educational environment at Diyala University that adopts and applies the world criteria to achieve the international independency .

This unit , has two sub-section : –   

quality guarantee  1- Following up and implementing certain factors to apply the quality criteria in the educational institution too .  

2- Following up and implementing the resolutions issued by the quality security council in the university.

3-Preparing papers and requirements for the quality security council of Diyala university .

4-Assuring the participating in symposium , conferences and courses concerning the quality guarantee .

5- Spreading the quality education at the university .

6- preparing meetings with the quality guarantee representatives from time to time .

 academic performance :-

This unit is concerned with the following duties . 1-Following up the quarterly and annual activities for all college scientific departments , branches and units concerning the conferences , seminars and exhibitions to be sent to the university periodically . 2-Preparing files for evaluating the employees performance  3-Preparing files for evaluating the directors performance  4-Preparing files for evaluating the faculty members . 


Prof.asst. Mudhafar Kareem Abdullah – the chief

Balsam Majeed Hameed

Lecturer assit  Aiman Kareem Hanikish

Quality Assurance Unit

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