The college of Engineering – Diyala University tends to be an integrated college of significant Symbol for technological and engineering Knowledge to get along with the scientific and engineering development . The college also aims to be pioneer in engineering education and scientific research to prepare engineering and national staff with great human potentials to serve society surrounded with academic atmosphere to be a college with high rank  and one of the top colleges internationally


1. graduate engineering staff effective and distinctive scientifically and practically and characterized by ethical engineering.

2. advance the march of scientific research and engineering and technological research and encourage creativity

3. Provide stimulating university environment distinguished intellectual and scientific and research.

4. Access for Academic Accreditation nationally and globally.

5. Be Faculty of Engineering tool for the prosperity of the community.

6. optimal investment of the resources and potential of the university and the province.

7.  the college be a reference for engineering and consultancy services in the governorate in particular and Iraq in general.

8. strive to be the best engineering college for teaching and learning, training and professional engineering.


1. graduation of highly qualified national competencies in various engineering disciplines.

2. Apply the values, traditions and ethics in the exercise of the profession of engineering in various jurisdictions in the field area.

3. gain professional engineering behavior in dealing with all members of society.

4. fill the need of the Iraqi society of national cadres highly qualified to those disciplines.

5. study the need to work from the new market and engineering disciplines to work on its implementation.

6. create graduate to pursue graduate studies in the field of engineering specialization.

7. connect the college graduates of the university to find out the areas of their work and the level of her performance and work to develop methods that follow the performance of total quality programs.

8. Rehabilitation graduate of the Faculty of Engineering to withstand continuous learning and self-development and decision-making and to contribute to society and professional development engineering service responsibility.

9. cooperation with all engineering colleges in and outside Iraq for the development of engineering education in the college process.

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