Weaam Talaat Ali was born in Baghdad -Iraq 1984. She completed Her bachelor’s degree from Electric Engineering department Almustansiriya University- College of Engineering, Iraq  2006, master’s (Electronic and Communication) in 2012 from the same institution.  Currently, She is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Diyala, Diyala, Iraq. Her research interests are Wireless communication, Signal and Image Processing, and system  security


Applied Mathematics

alternating  , Fourier1 ,Fourier11_2 ,GS new , limits ,Natural_logs_handout_answer_key , nth root  , ratio test ,Sequences,taylor

Applied Mathematics Second Course

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Performance of Discrete wavelet transform based on ofdm with adaptive modulation”. International journal of Engineering Research, vol 4, pp 419-425, 2015
Detraction the clutter for the Best Binary Phase Codes that begot by Genetic Algorithm Using Wiener Filter”. European journal of Engineering Research and science, vol 1, pp 4-19, 2018


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